Highlands is a Campus with a heart to  empower people from every age and stage in life to reach their full potential and purpose. We want to inspire and foster positive relationships between the generations that encourage growing and healthy families.

Our History

Highlands (previously known as Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba) was first stablished in 1978 as a church. That church that started with a congregation of 15, and with a fervent spirit to impact our nation, has grown over the years to become one of the largest churches in the region, impacting the lives of more than 2000 members in the community through all the areas in our Campus.

Our Strength

Our strength is in a caring community that is relevant, growing and diverse. As part of the International Network of Churches (previously known as Christian Outreach Centre), we belong to a movement built on visionary leadership and with world-wide network support. With exceptional facilities we offer a wide range of possibilities that can help see your family excel in life.

Our Uniqueness

Our uniqueness comes in bringing the opportunity for your whole family to grow and develop within one Campus. We focus on two major areas by providing a dynamic, vibrant Church with programs relevant for all ages; and high-quality education that begins with playgroup and Early Learning, and continues right through to Year 12.