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Invest into the best 12 months of your life.

We believe God’s vision for our life is found in discipleship, growth and development, and At Highlands, that is our vision for you too.

Highlands Leadership Academy (HLA) has been designed to equip, train, challenge and empower you to step into all that God has called you to. With theological units, pastoral coaching and practical opportunities to outwork your gifts, we believe you will see a great growth with this investment in your own discipleship.

Why don’t you make the courageous decision to accelerate your discipleship by investing a year into HLA? We would love to be a part of your journey even more!


At the completion of HLA you will have:

Gained an understanding of genuine discipleship and effective church ministry.

Learnt to lead in a team environment.

Developed your ministry and leadership skills through practical experience and coaching.

Received mentoring from Pastors and Leaders from Highlands and across International Network of Churches (INC).

Strengthened your understanding of God and His calling for your life.

Been given opportunities to be challenged and empowered to discover and develop your natural and spiritual giftings.

  • 12-month commitment

  • Tuesday, Sunday & another full day

  • Be coached by our Pastors & Leaders from Highlands and across INC

  • Be a part of an international Mission Experience

  • Complete access to handpicked training and resources

  • Get assigned to a specific Ministry – work closely with the area Pastor


HLA runs from February to November 2019.


You must be over 18 years old or have finished Year 12.


AU $3000
Fees include an international Mission Experience (with airfares), registration costs for events that you will be serving at, course content and additional resources.
Each application has a $500 non-refundable enrolment fee included in total fee.


Academic Day – Tuesday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Ministry Day – One day a week (outside of Tuesday) depending on Ministry Area
Services Day – At all Sunday services
Additional Events – Prayer & Praise, Women’s & Men’s Events


What are the expectations for serving at events?2018-11-07T10:15:58+10:00

As a part of the HLA experience, you will be serving at weekend services and at all church-wide events such as Prayer & Praise nights, Growth Track, Leadership Nights, Women’s Events and Men’s Events.

Are there assessments?2018-11-07T10:16:08+10:00

There are some assessments, but these are based around reflecting on what you’ve learnt throughout the year rather than proving that you can retain information.

Will I need books?2018-11-07T10:16:11+10:00

Throughout the year you’ll receive readings and we will provide handpicked leadership and theological books with no additional expense.

Is this course accredited?2018-11-07T10:16:14+10:00

Although learning is one of the key components, it is intentional that this course is not externally accredited as we desire to prioritise the discipleship process over just the academic process. We believe the content is accreditation level worthy but we value the flexibility that our own courses provide. By not paying an external body, it has enabled us to reduce cost significantly, yet still include Highlands Church events and the Mission Experience component in the price, including all airfares! As HLA is not externally accredited, there is no HECS-HELP (Aust) available for this program.

Will I get to choose which Area I’ll be involved in?2018-11-07T10:16:41+10:00

We will take your preferred department into consideration during the application process, but due to limited spots, you may be placed in a different one.

let us know you’re interested!