SINCE 1978

Highlands Church started in 1978 with a passionate group of young adults. Known as Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba, the church quickly grew and saw many people begin to follow Jesus in a life-giving way. The church has continued to influence the Darling Downs, starting a Prep-Y12 College in 1987 and an Early Learning Centre. We are a part of the International Network of Churches (INC), originally known as Christian Outreach Centre, with hundreds of churches worldwide.
From the beginning, Highlands Church has focused on leading people to Jesus, helping them grow in their relationship with Him. We believe that as you grow towards Jesus, you find purpose, meaning, freedom, and can make a lasting legacy. The church has always maintained a focus on fostering life-giving relationships through small groups. Every week we have contemporary church environment with live music of the highest quality, a passionate life-applicable message and an opportunity for people to honour God.
Senior Pastors Ken and Moira Wootton have been leading Highlands since September 2012, seeing it become one of the fastest growing churches in Australia, with a community of over 3000 people.